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Why you should shop with us...

Why you should shop with us...

So...have you ever seen "The True Cost" documentary on Netflix? Sigh....(holds head)

I recently did (you should too), and it is heartbreaking....honestly, it hurts to be part of an industry that brings so much beauty to this life, yet, within it, has such an ugly sector that can be so catastrophic to humanity and this earth.

It was an important reminder of why I am not a fan of fast fashion, how it depletes the earths resources, leverages slave/child labor and why I try so hard to ensure that no matter how quickly my business evolves, that it never grows in that direction.

And so... I decided to write this blog to give you a little added insight on our ethical values, sustainable practices, and why shopping with our small business makes the world of a difference...or a difference in the world....literally.

Let me start off by saying that we are proud to be an ethical alternative to fast fashion, and we hope to inspire other small businesses and up and coming designers to do the same.

Transparency is extremely important to us, and we hope that this helps you understand why we do the things we do  :)

After working with several small factories in Brazil, we made the decision to invest in our own. It is small, but it allows us to ensure the factory's integrity and ethical production practices is maintained at every step of the magic making process. This way, we can guarantee fair and safe workplace conditions.

We work with women and independent workers, offering fair living wages and creating economic opportunities for our team.

We use recycled fabrics, 98% material usage to 0 wastage and sustainable materials and processes.

We design and produce Limited Edition Collections to avoid dead stock, and only restock when the demand is so high that it will guarantee sales.

Our one of a kind pieces, or "few" of a kind pieces lol...are oftentimes if not always a result of recycled fabric use, or purchased dead stock materials.

Multi purpose, diverse and classic pieces are purposely designed to be worn in a variety of ways, making it timeless fashion vs a one time use fad or trend. 

Female empowerment is at the heart of Chandra Maharaj Designs. It is a brand designed by a woman, for women who are beautiful and powerful, influential and life changing. We hope to spread this message with love, support, awareness, sustainability and positive change with every customer and piece of clothing that we sell.

Yearly, we partake in charity events and contribute to causes we believe in, or need us most.

We work daily on improving our processes, and contributions to a better world.

Every design is made with love...

Love & Light,




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