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Tales & The Design Process

Tales & The Design Process

For some time now, I developed a child like love for the show "Once Upon a Time". My intrigue wasn't necessarily with the story lines, but more so the concept of modern day fairy tale characters and their untraditional costumes. 

Being the Netflix addict that I am, I binge watched the entire series and it undoubtedly and magically became my next Monday Wear collection inspiration.

As early as April of this year (2007) my entire collection was finalized. It was the first collection I worked on while in Brazil for my annual production trip, and I couldn't wait to get it out of my creative system.

The sketches were drawn, the patterns were cut, the samples were finalized, and the search for the perfect fabrics was on. 

Fast forward to a lot of searching, and a few months later, the iridescent fabrics that hold a special place in my heart were chosen in Miami, and shipped to Brazil where production immediately  started. The end result is what you now know as my latest collection Tales.

Ella whose name was inspired by Cinder-Ella is a sexy twist to Amazon, a previous design of mine that was a sold out hit from my Haven Collection. This is the design I am wearing on the road for Trinidad Carnival 2018, and I designed it exactly as I wanted it for me. I hope that you love the high cut, high waist, adjustable bra, and minimal coverage bottom as much as I do.  

Snow is our modern day Snow White as the name so blatantly tells. This iridescent white fabric and the simplicity of this one piece design is what makes it perfect for so many body types. It is quite sexy, yet it offers coverage in all of the right places. 

Mulan is designed for a strong yet beautiful warrior. This piece has a bit of a more athletic design, for the woman that is more comfortable in a safer and fully functional fit. The neckpiece and sunnies in this design is the ideal added touch for our fashion forward warriors. 

Jasmine is our elegantly sensual piece for the princess that likes to show skin in all the right places. It is our most adjustable piece as it allows the wearer to adjust the straps on the sides of the bottom as well as the shoulder straps. This ensures the perfect fit.

Beauty and Ariel are our two classic designs. Styles that never go out of style made in the most beautiful white and gold fabric. These two designs are specially ideal for women with short torsos, that struggle to find the perfect fit.

Pixie and Tinker are our personal recommendations for all Fortuna masqueraders who are playing in Bliss with me and my section Fortuna. The lilac of these pieces matches perfectly to the lilac touch of the costume and would offer a lovely balance in color for the two days of Mas. These are for our fun fairies, with Pixie for the woman who love a versatile one piece that is elegant in the front and sexy in the back, and Tinker for the woman who enjoys a two piece look that is more fun and flirty.

I could talk about this all for days, so I will be doing a Live Chat on instagram soon to talk all about it. Follow me on @chandramaharaj if you don't already do so and stay tuned for fun updates and give aways.

I hope this blog helps give you a bit of insight on my process :)

Until Next Time!

Love & Light!


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