Magic Monday...

My favorite Monday of every single year is Carnival Monday in T& is probably every carnival lovers' favorite Monday now that I think about it... lol....I mean it is Magical after all.

But for me, what makes it even more special is the love and excitement I feel from seeing masqueraders in my designs on the road. It is such a humbling experience and if you are one of those masqueraders, and you are reading this. I want to say THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!

Your support is so extremely appreciated. All of the personal messages of gratitude, all of the amazing pictures that I wake up to, all of the tags, the reposts, the recommendations, the continuous support, and the love. It makes my heart smile every single time. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Now, I am not the best writer, but I do speak.... well in this case write from the heart hahahahahaha! I can only hope that you receive it as such.

Again, Thank You for continuously choosing my designs and supporting my brand... it is what keeps me going :)

I can't wait for you to see whats in store for next year ;)

So Much Love,