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Ethical Fashion Brand



As a small fashion business, we are working diligently to ensure that we minimize our carbon footprint by taking a favorable approach in the industry to source, design and manufacture as responsibly as possible.


We are aware of the social and environmental impact of the fashion industry, and although it can be difficult, environmental sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices are possible. We are proud to say that we are doing the best we can, and will continue to improve with time.


We design and manufacture our garments with great care, and now sell them with hope of raising awareness and spreading this very important message that is sustainable fashion. It is our way of minimizing the depletion of the worlds resources, and ensuring fair trade and ethical manufacturing practices.


What is Ethical Fashion?

Ethical fashion is a preferred approach on all aspects of the fashion industry from sourcing, manufacturing to designing that minimizes the negative impact on the environment and maximizes the benefits to society.


Ways we practice and encourage sustainable fashion:


We believe the good treatment of our workers is vital and is always prioritized. We ensure that they are compensated fairly for their labour, and take pride in the loving relationships we have built with them.


We aim to minimize waste and energy usage wherever possible throughout the production of each garment. Careful consideration is made to manufacture in strategic batches to ensure that we are as energy conscious as possible.


We manufacture zero waste fashion which means there is none to very little textile wastage during production. When a Chandra Maharaj Designs garment is designed from the pattern making process, the usage of the fabric is taken into consideration to ensure it is most effectively utilized.



We design classic timeless pieces, with focus on making a garment re wearable in a variety of ways, for a long time to come. Our design concept has never been focused on trends, unless we believe that trend will be a long lasting one.


We design mix and match pieces that can be worn with each other, creating brand new looks and encouraging you to rewear pieces already in your closet.


We design limited edition/exclusive collections which guarantees that there is no over production of any design, resulting in them always being sold out. This also ensure that there is no fabric is left unused and wasted.



Caring for your garments with love is an extremely important contribution to the life of your garment. Cold water is better for the environment and for the life of your pieces as it reduces color fading, and uses less energy.

Air drying your pieces is also great as it not only saves electricity, but also saves the fibers in your garment. The heat in a dryer can over time compromise the fibers in your pieces, affecting the stretch, the fit and fade the color.



Although we offer items with sizing, we also offer a variety of one size fits all items that have been designed to fit a variety of sizes. However, as everyones' body is different and a perfect fit can be a challenge, we always recommend a local tailor/seamstress to adjust your garment to make it perfect for you.


Shortening a full length dress or even changing a long top to a crop top is a great way to repurpose your garment giving you a whole new look.


We have lovingly designed a reusable, water proof packaging that can be a multi purpose essential in your daily life. From safely storing your wet swimsuit after a day at the beach, to an on the go make up bag, or even a travel essential. The idea is that our baggie becomes a re usable item in your life.



With the exception of our patterns, and a few other business documents that must be physically printed, we are proud to say that we run a paperless business model. This means that all invoices, receipts, work orders, communications and any other business element that is within our control is executed digitally. 



We have always privately and publicly executed charitable acts of kindness from the  inception of Chandra Maharaj Designs. While some of it may have been publicized, that has not ever been our priority. It is within our brand model and at the core of what we do, to contribute to society in one way or another. Every year, we choose a charitable cause and contribute towards that cause, with hopes that, little by little, we can help those around us.




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