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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is your store located?

We are an ONLINE STORE ONLY. We do not have a physical store front. We are however, currently operating out of Trinidad & Tobago.


Do you ship locally?

We do! We ship locally via TTPOST which is an extremely efficient and reliable service. It offers a tracking number and usually gets to you 1-2 days after dispatch. We highly recommend it!


Do you ship internationally?

We do! We are currently shipping out of Trinidad & Tobago and offering shipping to most international countries. Our arrival times are estimated at 7-10 days after dispatch to the US & Canada, 7-14 days to other Caribbean Islands and 7-14 days to European and South American countries. Please note that these dates can vary dependent on customs at your specific country but you will be given a tracking number for all shipped orders to help keep your mind at ease :)


What if my order contains pre-ordered items?

If your order contains a pre-ordered item, your shipping times will be as listed above, AFTER your pre order has arrived in Trinidad for shipment. Pre- orders take much longer to arrive as the production time of the product is an estimated 4-6 weeks from your order date.


Why do pre-orders take such a long time to be ready?

All production for Chandra Maharaj Designs is done at our factory in Brazil. Because we don't normally restock, when we make the decision to accept pre orders of a particular design, those pre orders are then placed in a production que, that allows for all production to occur on a timely manner.


Why do you not restock all items?

Our model has always been to offer Timeless Limited Edition/ Exclusive Collections to our customers. This is our way of making sure that the market isn't over saturated, and that you feel special owning one of our pieces. 

We do however occasionally restock and/or accept pre orders on our signature pieces that are in extremely high demand in an effort to make you happy :)


Can my order be cancelled or changed after purchase?

We try our very best to keep the inventory on our website up to date, but occasionally items sell out before we can update the website. This does not happen often, but if it were to happen to you, you will be contacted to discuss all your options.


How do I check the status of my order?

Once your order has been shipped (locally or internationally) you will receive an email with a tracking number for your package. All international shipments are sent via DHL and can be tracked on their website and all local T&T orders are shipped via TTPOST can also be tracked via (868)800-7678.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal, Amazon Pay, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. We also accept cash and cheques at our pop up events.


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