Isla...Your Fetewear for 2018

So...remember that song that Madonna sang...something isla bonitaaaaaaaaa :) and when the samba played... something something...then the spanish lullabyyyyy ;) Yup! Thats the inspiration for the name of my latest FeteWear Collection ISLA.

For my fantastic supporters that don't know what FeteWear is, an easy explanation would be festival attire, but more specifically focused on Carnival Parties, which tend to be either very hot from the tropical weather, or wet from parties that purposely wet you down with big hoses to keep you cool and add to the fun. 

Either way the whole collection is made from supplex, which is the same fabric I typically use for my swimwear, which is very body hugging, flattering, comfortable, breathable and quick drying, making it perfect for any party :)

Scrunchy backs is one of the sexy details in this collection, only seen on both Zion the jumpsuit, Zion the set, Irie and Fete, this detail is extremely flattering, bootie enhancing and just the right amount of sexy.

Our Calypso off the shoulder piece focuses on the natural female silhouette, our Vybez Dress is our latest version of our Diamond back dress with that tropical twist, and Havana is our skirt set for the woman who wants to show a little extra skin. Check out the pieces ladies!!!

I hope that you guys love this was made with so much love.