Healing Tools to Boost Your Frequency

During the thick of the pandemic, the most prominent message I consistently received from my customers was that of their emotional, mental, spiritual and physical struggles. 

Being an empath, I knew too well what the collective was feeling, but felt helpless in my contribution to make it better. In the past, clothing was always a fantastic confidence and self love booster, however, the lock down left us with no place to go.

So I decided to share the little tools that I used to stay healthy, maintain my sanity, emotional resistance and even just simply improve my mood. I was reluctant at first because this meant sharing my little sacred secrets, but I was constantly reminded that this was for the greater good of those in genuine need.

I have always been very drawn to plant medicine, and have lots of knowledge on it from my mother, grandmother and ancestors. Both sides of my family were always very connected to plants and nature on the whole.

For this reason I decided to use essential oils as one of the main ingredients of this Healing Tools line. Essential Oils is often referred to as the "Soul of the Plant" and is very well known for its healing and frequency boosting properties.

And so I first created toxin free, all natural, eco soy INTENTION CANDLES for the aromatherapy benefits of the blends. The act of also lighting a candle has for a long time been associated with spiritual practices that we all need for the soul. I added crystal chips, herbs and affirmation to the further activate those benefits. 

Then came the SACRED SPRAYS with beautiful blends for specific needs, infused with crystals to further activate that purpose and affirmations to repeat when using. This is a quick frequency booster while on the go and can be used both on your body and as a room/car spray. It gives you a moment to breathe and affirm while surrounded by the all natural, scent blends and power of the plants.

ESSENTIAL OIL ROLLERS came next for the person who prefers an oil base for the blends. I created two kits with three rollers each. One very focused on the health and physical needs of the wearer specifically Immunity, Energy and Rest. Also infused with crystal to further activate those, these are usually most effective when rolled under the feet for better absorbency. The second kit was created as a beautiful all natural perfume option. Although these essential oils also do carry healing and aromatherapy benefits, they were created because they simply smelled great. This kit consists of Lily, Rose & Jasmine and Citrus a combination of grapefruit and bergamot. These are recommended on your wrists or back of your neck to really enjoy the scents.

Lastly, as crystals are clearly a part of all of these items, we created a line of GEMSTONE JEWELS. Beautiful, simple, gold-filled crystal pieces with very specific energetic benefits to the wearer. Benefits of each will be included in the product description. 

This collection comprises of simple tools, to help find you ways throughout your day to put your health first, be it mental, emotional, spiritual or physical. These products all all handmade with lots of love and intention.

These are not meant to be medical alternatives. If you have any concerns please consult your doctor. If you experience any discomfort please discontinue. 

I hope that these little joys can help you along your journey...

Lots of Love,