My Collection...Haven


a place of safety or refuge.

My Collection...Haven

If you know me personally or follow any of my social media sites then you are well aware of my love for the ocean. I feel like it brings me back to life, it recharges my soul, and cleanses my aura. It makes me feel brand new, every single time.

It’s my safe Haven…

I go there whenever I don’t feel like myself, or I am in need of inspiration, answers, relaxation, guidance, love…

And luckily for me, I always tend to find the most beautiful beaches to enhance my travel experiences. This was the inspiration behind my collection this year. The most beautiful beaches I have visited in all of my travels.

Buzios (Brazil), Tofo (Mozambique), Las Cuevas (Trinidad & Tobago), Negril (Jamaica), Ipanema (Brazil), Malibu (USA) have been by far some of my very favorites and my designs are inspired by them and my experiences there.

I hope that you enjoy the simplicity, vibrancy and elegance of each design.

P.S This collection was shot in paradise, also known as  Las Cuevas in Trinidad and Tobago, in case you guys were wondering.

Love & Light,