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Sunlight Candle

" I am like the sun, I radiate joy and optimism "

This candle collection was created to give you a beautiful, all natural, chemical/toxin free, wonderfully smelling candle with aromatherapy benefits for your spiritual practices. While this candle can be used for other general purposes please note that because we use 100% essential oils and no fragrance oils, the scent throw of the may not be as strong as your traditional candles.

SUNLIGHT is our uplifting candle ideal for a positive frequency boost. This pick me up has a lovely combo of citrus scents that is wonderfully invigorating.

LEMON is known to help awaken your soul and connect your mental body to your intuition. It is refreshing, energizing, cleansing and uplifting. 

BERGAMOT is known to be a powerful spiritual and mental healer. It also provides protection, prosperity and positive self talk.

GRAPEFRUIT is known to increase clarity, mental openness and concentration. It also balances mood and emotions while elevating the spirit.

CITRINE is known to be a mental stimulant strengthening your intellect. It is also know to channel wealth, prosperity and intellect. 

Ingredients: lemon essential oil, bergamot essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, citrine crystals, soy wax, herbs/flowers (top decoration of candle may vary based on availability of ingredients)

Please burn candle with extreme caution.

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