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Purification Candle

" I am cleansing my mind, body, spirit and space"

This candle collection was created to give you a beautiful, all natural, chemical/toxin free, wonderful smelling candle with aromatherapy benefits for your spiritual practices. While this candle can be used for other general purposes please note that because there were no fragrance oils used, the scent throw of the essential oils may not be as strong as your traditional candles.

PURIFICATION is our sage smudging candle ideal for the spiritual cleanse of your body and sacred space before and during meditation, yoga and any other healing activity. This is also a great way to subtly cleanse the energies of your home.

SAGE is known for its' cleansing and purifying properties. It brings light when there is negativity.

LAVENDER is known for its' restorative and calming properties. It lifts the weight of sadness and depression from the spirit, bringing emotional balance and harmony.

LEMON is known for its' purification properties. It is a spiritual cleanser enabling the user to focus and center. It is also revitalizing to the mind body and soul.

AMETHYST is known for being extremely purifying, healing and protective.

Our candles are made with Eco Soy Wax which is 100% natural soy beans, making it completely natural and organic.

Ingredients: sage essential oil, lemon essential oil, lavender essential oil, amethyst crystals, soy wax, herbs/flowers (top decoration of candle may vary based on availability of ingredients)

Please burn candle with extreme caution.

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