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Full Moon Candle

" I am releasing all that no longer serves me"

This candle collection was created to give you a beautiful, all natural, chemical/toxin free, wonderful smelling candle with aromatherapy benefits for your spiritual practices. While this candle can be used for other general purposes please note that because there were no fragrance oils used, the scent throw of the essential oils may not be as strong as your traditional candles.

FULL MOON is our release and let go candle ideal for the spiritual and energetic cleanse of all that no longer serves you, to make space for all that you deserve.

ROSE is known for love, healing and protection.

ROSEMARY is known for healing, protection, love and purification. It helps us remember who we are.

GRAPEFRUIT is known for joy, cooperation with letting go and uplifting properties. 

MOONSTONE is the stone of new beginnings, inner growth and strength. It soothes emotional instability and stress, stabilizes emotions and provides calmness.

Our candles are made with Eco Soy Wax which is 100% natural soy beans, making it completely natural and organic.

Ingredients: grapefruit essential oil, rose essential oil, rosemary essential oil, moonstone crystals, soy wax, herbs/flowers (top decoration of candle may vary based on availability of ingredients)

Please burn candle with extreme caution.


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