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Prosperity Candle

" I am prosperous and abundant"

This candle collection was created to give you a beautiful, all natural, chemical/toxin free, wonderfully smelling candle with aromatherapy benefits for your spiritual practices. While this candle can be used for other general purposes please note that because we use 100% essential oils and no fragrance oils, the scent throw of the may not be as strong as your traditional candles.

VANILLA has both calming and strengthening properties. it helps raise positive vibrations and enhances feelings of peace, tranquility and comfort. It is also associated with luck, vitality and happiness.

CLOVE is a known stress reliever, and mental relaxer. It also attracts positivity and has been used for centuries to attract prosperity as it is known to be very lucky.

CINNAMON is stimulating and energizing. It has many mystical powers related to prosperity success and love. It draws in the energy of success in all areas of your life. It vibrates at a very high frequency which can help speed up the process.

PYRITE is a powerful protection stone which shields and protects against negativity. It is known as the stone of luck, to attract abundance, wealth and prosperity to the user via its creative use of energies via manifestation. 

Ingredients: vanilla essential oil, cinnamon essential oil, clove essential oil, pyrite crystals, soy wax, herbs/flowers (top decoration of candle may vary based on availability of ingredients)

Please burn candle with extreme caution.

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