Trinidad Carnival 2018

What  year it has been... 2018 has flown by...and as per usual, here is my very late carnival blog post hahahahaha!!! 

I really just wanted to quickly say Thank You!

My heart has smiled so many times this year, but not more than it did every single time that I saw a masquerader exuding joy in their Fortuna costume, while gracing the roads of Trinidad and Tobago, spreading happiness and love. It is an indescribable feeling really, I am not sure that it would ever change. I hope it never's incredible!

On top of playing for the first time ever in my own design, I was blessed to have some of my greatest friends fly from all over the US to play with me, and that just made it all so much better....getting to share this first time experience with the people I love most. I am so grateful!

I am already in the process of designing for 2019, and I can't wait for it to be even bigger and better!

I hope that you will join me again next year...:)