Is it FATE? Is it FORTUNE? Was it Choice or Chance? FORTUNA! A Goddess personifying luck, both good or bad with a representation for life’s capriciousness candidly highlights what the journey of this costume has truly been. Her path hasn’t always been adorned with the opulent shine of the bold rose gold that now embellishes her future fate for Bliss Carnival 2018, BUT now that she was chosen and knows her role, it is written with that very beauty.  

The question of what, and how? Designing anything intended for the perception of others is a daunting task in of itself. There is doubt, and determination in equal capacity. The intent on manifestation is heavily dependent on that of pure determination, a hell of a lot of passion, and skin so thick it can't be cut with the most durable pair of fabric scissors.  

Throughout this process a supreme level of respect was born for all costume designers. No matter how meniscal a roll or contribution, it takes the creativity, ideas and contribution of so much more than oneself to truly bring a vision of such magnitude to life. A blessing came in the form of mentorship and collaboration with Monique, a veteran designer and important contributor to the carnival industry, providing guidance and kindness from conceptualization to manifestation.   

There were trials, and more trials. Like life, there weren't errors but rather lessons through the trials that breeds the experience of an intense carnival industry. Through it all the vision evolved, and shape shifted in many ways, and several times. There were methodical and not so methodical additions, and minuses.  

However! What never changed was the purpose of the vision. Before her namesake was decided upon, from inception it was always to empower. A warrior goddess representing the honour and love for oneself, and the opulence of life. To create a costume that when worn, a warrior goddess emerges empowered with love, and pure excitement. With that she became FORTUNA!  

An alluring glow of adoration and admiration has now veiled her with a definitive fate. She's undoubtedly coming to share that creative energy, and purpose shining through in rose gold. And may her fortune be with YOU!