Our Chakra Hoodie …

Chakra (pronounced CHA –kra) with emphasis on the CHA! What is it, and why a hoodie with such bold vibrant visual emphasis.

Let's begin with its origination in sanksrit with literally translates into wheel. A functioning wheel of a spinning vortex of energy with direct correlation to several neurological, and physiological systems within the human body. Each chakra carries a unique vibrational frequency that is expressed through a specific colour and governs functions that makes us well balanced beings.

Amidst my journey into the knowledge of self, healing, through meditation and balancing of these vital energetic centers, that to most of modern medical methods is basically undetectable. Inspired me to find a way in which to bring forth this level of self awareness using my passion for health, vitality, creativity and fashion.

The chakra hoodie was designed to bring greater emphasis to the chakras, and their capabilities using the visual chakra symbols. These symbols are not visualized the same in all cultures or by all persons as we all perceive in different forms, but the colors appear to more individuals most consistently.

My intent is that a piece with such visual emphasis will aid in the consistent reminder of the energetic portals within ourselves. Humans are highly perceptive beings with the need to feel, touch, hear, and see that of which is seemingly unseen, and this is a reminder of our connection to the universal/cosmic energetic flows within all of us.